About a great day, Silvia’s cakes and the sadness of a good man

* I was accused often that I am not Romanian enough. That I do more for the “others” than I do for my own country. That somehow I betray Romania. It is not true. I am a good Romanian. I decided to live here together with my “foreign” family and worked hard to do what I thought it is best for the majority of Romanians.

It is sad to see good people, people that I respect, thinking I try hard to please the “others”. It is frustrating. It is frustrating to explain it repeatedly in public on TV and nobody to seem to pay attention to it.

I was among those ones that accused Dacian Ciolos being more of a French Commissioner than a Romanian one. Shocked to hear some of my own thoughts said by him to me, yesterday. Made me feel stupid once again.

I brought him Silvia’s cakes. Those are the best cakes I know. Silivia loves her cakes, talks about them and she is hundred of times worst at selling them than baking and talking about them despite being a decent seller. She has a story that is worth hearing and is great to know her.

Sivia’s cakes were in my head the best apology I could come up with. I hope he liked them.

I gave Silvia’s cakes to friends that came or were there. Some are trying to do amazing things for children with cancer (their website is going to be here http://magicamp.ro/ ). Some others try to help serving a hot meal for those that cannot afford it. Some that help others do good or try to find a way to do good for others. I do not always know how to say to people that I like them a lot and I wish I could make them know that. Silvia’s cakes are my hope for now.

Silvia sold out the cakes today. Some of you wrote to thank me for advertising the cakes and are responsible as I am for making Silvia tired and happy. It is great to see people like her happy. Wish to play a part in something one day that would make some if not all the other people I like including Dacian Ciolos look tired and happy. Ideas I have lots and as he might be free for a while (his mandates as Commissioner ends soon) who knows, I might manage. I would even help him with his ideas if needed J.

Toto and Alex were also very happy yesterday at the Rural Fest on Kiseleff. Mitica is grumpy as I did not take him. The other Alex has a new backpack and school supplies. Denisa a new case for glasses and Alex new clothes.

The event on Kiseleff was organized among others by the European Commission. Good to see that.

* this is a summary ( as I remember it) of a discussion I had yesterday with Dacian Ciolos. Instead of “others” you should read French

** I write this in English as many that helped during the years with the children are English and not Romanian speakers.

*** Silvia’s cakes – check Silvia Nanu on facebook

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  1. fast backward, your love story with Dacian unfolds amazingly in time. at the end, a. D. 13.12.2016 you came with your latest mini-moguls club including the board of directors with Mr. Ciolos, Mrs. Pruna and (LBNL on the list 😉 Mr. Preșu (not my Most Kasher piece of cake 😉 my two cents). I Keep Reading And over win my own (Deep roooted, Green Romanian) fears, although it is more about exclusion of children than racism. You do a GREAT job And you know that. btw. I used to know Mr. Gheorghe Nicolae in 1978 at His fiancees, Mrs. Sisesti Home. Indeed a very modest personality. I would dare to Say a Roma Cioloș. ;).

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