are they „coloured” ?

The dialogue here is between a nurse and the chief doctor responsible for blood transfusions at the hospital in Slobozia, Romania.

T.C – We need blood for a 13 years old that suffered a surgical intervention. They opened her and her belly is full of blood.
Cristina Stoian (C.S) – so what ? No ( meaning don’t give it) , as they did not establish the level of hemoglobin. Talk to the relatives of the girls. Are they „coloured” ?
TC – Yes they are roma.
C.S- So they are coloured, they are coloured… She doesn’t need blood, let it go…when her hemoglobin is going under 7 then you can give her.

The normal hemoglobin value for a child the size and age of the Roma girl that needed blood is between 11.5 and 15.5.

Racism kills. It needs to be stopped. Everywhere. By all of us that are able to see it . And if we do more to stop it our governments and bureaucracies will maybe wake up and start do a lot more to educate our societies about how disgusting and dangerous racism is.

Cristina Stoian can be hardly considered a human being. But if you blame Romanians for what she did then you are just another dangerous racist.

The original text in Romanian can be found here :


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