Back – happy and busy

Back to Romania.

The good news is that Alex mother, Monica is back home from the hospital. She is slowly getting back to health after the scare we had in June. The fact that racism is serious – almost deadly serious is what I experienced trying to make some doctors treat her as a human being despite the fact that she is incredibly poor and Roma. That she is an amazing mother and she has a big but seriously  damaged heart did not matter as she struggled for a few days just to get people to investigate her seriously. After a good two weeks in the emergency room and help from some fantastic friends and doctors she was able to breath by herself. A few days before being put in the emergency reanimation room something that took the form of a doctor said that she „as all the gypsies is just faking being sick to get free drugs and then sell them”. It refused to investigate her condition.

Solved the most urgent problems mostly food related. Too many young girls visible pregnant. Vitamins and folic acid pills done. A number of drug addicts are back from prison and back to dealing drugs. The prison system is simply  idiotic helps nobody besides sociopaths such as our ex-prime minister Nastase, the corrupt owner of Antena 3 and Senator Voiculescu and our MEP and owner of Steaua Bucharest Gigi Becali. They play the role of martyrs well enough for a good number of cretins, the leadership of the party in power (PSD) and other creeps to believe it or use these „martyrdoms” to their benefits.

Lots of children in the ghetto all very happy that we are starting again the training. This Saturday at 10 for those of you that want to join. Distributed home made cakes and tomorrow have plans for dinner with some of the children. Silvia Nanu and mom are the heroes as they were the cooks.Silvia’s amazing cakes you can buy on September 14 will post more details 3-4 days before. In the 45 min in the ghetto there were two fights. One involved Alex and a drug addict. Vlad Mixich piece about violence stridently relevant see http://bit.ly/1sU89Ta

The trip in the US and Canada great but feels even better to be back home. Lots of things to do.

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