Euro-Narnian* , preservatives, MSG , the Decade and toilet training

*Euro-Narnian is the language used within the bureaucratic heavens in Brussels.

The followings excerpts come from the latest document published on the EU Roma website. The document wishes to prove progress and indicate what needs to be done.

“Member States were Encouraged to Ensure Effective Equal access for Roma to mainstream public employment services, alongside targeted and personalised guidance and mediation for Roma jobseekers, and to support the employment of qualified Roma civil servants.”

The member states were thoroughly EEEE-ed and MSG-ed. Swiftly and powerfully Encouraged, Ensured, Effectived and Equaled in the very first sentence the Member States were trembling with fear. Then in a powerful but yet not final blow within the same paragraph they received a heavy dose of MSG (not to be confounded with the toxic chemical used for flavoring cancerously but nevertheless tastily diverse food products). The MSG – Mediation, Support and Guidance was to be the best type of it – personalized MSG. Four time E-ed, once MSG-ed and thoroughly advised might seem tranquilizing, brain killing blabla, but is in fact the most powerful criticism meant to address appalling discrimination and inequality of Roma within Member States yet.

Euro-Narnia itself is very, very far from doing what it encourages Member States to do. Rumors say that this powerful E-s and MSG package is heftily paid by the Masters that are known to be very generous with our money and happy to strongly enhance and forever preserve whatever they cook/think.  This treatment for Roma employment has been used for years and is well justified.  Hundreds of millions were spent for its design and delivery. It brought amazing results and joy for the careers and fortunes of a few Euro-Narnians. It also created a healthy dependency for the hefty fees of the Euro-Narnian projects of another few Roma experts – most of them not part of the Roma folk or with very limited interactions with those. Admirably it also provided the much needed, reports conferences and pompous and intricate rhetoric for the other millions of Roma who live in abject poverty or complete ignorance of Euro-Narnia  . Some other achievements are mentioned by the document:

“improvements in the educational participation and attainment have failed to translate into improving employment prospects among Roma. In some cases, the employment situation of Roma has even further deteriorated…”

For the feeble hearted you need not to worry. The document provides “promising practices” to make up for the slightly challenging (in vulgar English catastrophic) situation.  True, the mysterious “many positive practices” of the recent past were replaced by a few and rather doubtful “promising practices”. This is the climax of progress as in their amazing wisdom and humbleness the Masters elegantly hinted they accepted the opinion of some of the worst of folk- those that waste their time and effort in the Roma communities. We told the Masters that the level of failure of the Euro-Narnian projects is the only exceptional thing happening and they included our views and translated it into beautiful Euro-Narnian. This is how we ended up blessed with “promising practices”.

 “… quality temporary lodgings have been built with the involvement of the Roma community in France. In Germany, housing projects also include measures that promote the integration of Roma families in neighbourhoods. In Belgium, mediators work to gain trust of both Roma and non-Roma for acceptable housing interventions. In Hungary, cities are required to prepare a desegregation plan as part of city development strategies”

A pragmatic read (a cursed and thoroughly banned practice in Euro-Narnia during the previous lordship on Euro-Narnia lead by Barosolan and the mighty Viviane) will tell that in fact there is as usual nothing to write about. Let’s examine the concrete achievements :

  1. “quality temporary lodging built with the help of Roma” – blessed be their hearts as it is well know the Roma need quality temporary lodging and not old fashioned stupid solid, permanent housing.
  2. measures that promote integration in neigbourhoods” – nothing is more useful when you face hunger and freezing than reading that promoting measures for integration are taken by Euro-Narnia. The fact that nowadays integration is not done in stables or working camps but in neighborhoods is another huge step forward.
  3. “mediators work to gain trust for acceptable housing interventions” is as good of an indicator of good housing for Roma as anything else including a requirement desegregation plan as part of city development strategies.

But why stop here with achievements. The Masters of Euro-Narnia hailed a few years ago that the new anti-discrimination framework represented a quantum leap forward. At that moment it seemed irrelevant for the Gods of Euro-Narnia that quantum physics deal with the tiniest of the worlds and is considered by the experts to be very complicated to comprehend as “our brains are not wired to understand it”.  Anyway this new reports makes clear the monumental dimension of the quantum leap.

Thirteen years after the EU’s landmark anti-discrimination directives were adopted in 2000, discrimination against Roma is still widespread.

Comprehending what the Masters of Euro-Narnia think and do is not for our feeble minds. Our brains are not wired to understand it as proven by another masterful paragraph:

The Decade for Roma Inclusion has been a strong inspiration for the EU Framework.

Even the most optimistic expert will not put the number of Roma who heard about the Decade at more than 0.01 % of the entire population. If you ignore those paid to promote the Decade it is very unlikely that more than 1% will consider the Decade a success. You need to be really delusional to consider it inspiring. Having the Decade as an inspiration for the EU Framework is like saying that the main goal of your life is to master toilet training. It sounds great if you commit to it as a precocious 1-2 years old but is really pathetic and hard to be taken seriously any other time.


  1. Nu ne cunoastem insa va urmaresc de mult timp si cu teribila admiratie. Ma gandeam ca poate cu organizatia dumneavoastra ati putea aplica la norway eea grants destinate pentru lupta impotriva saraciei in Romania(eeagrants.org) Nu am eu prea mari sperante, dar cred ca ar putea incuraja formarea si altor initiative grassroots.

    1. Multumesc. Speranta mea nu este in a aplica pentru proiecte ci in a atrage cat mai multi oameni in a face ceva concret sau in a sustine lucruri care sunt facute bine si nu raportate bine.

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