Great people

Mihaela, Irina si Bogdan

Had a great day. Two doctors came to the school in Ferentari and checked the eyes of 62 children most of them from the ghetto or from the nearby children institution- Ciresarii. These are some of the most disadvantaged children I know in Bucharest.

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Alex received a great birthday cake he is 10 now and had around 30 children singing happy birthday to him. Alex is shy and has a small problem expressing his emotions. He gave up doing his homework disappointed that his mother despite promising twice to come to the Ciresarii and take him home – did not. He started doing his homework again and told me he was very , very happy. He looked happy and very proud of his new shoes and the party.


Mihaela helped with the cakes for the children.

Irina and Bogdan are the doctors that took the time to do the check-ups.

None of them had to do it. All of them lost time and money (lots of it) doing this. They will continue to lose money and time as many of the children need glasses and help for long term. It didn’t take much to convince them to help. They thought it was a normal thing to do.

I keep meeting from time to time great people. Feels amazing.

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