Why you should keep quiet

I do understand that there are some of Roma activists (not restricted to ethnic Roma activists) with a particularly dangerous selective memory.

Let me be clear.

I have no interest whatsoever in what you do personally. I do not care at all how you justify the fires that magically burned your accounting records (four of the main five Roma NGOs in Romania were hit by this pandemic in a span of four years). I also do not care of the mind-blowing justifications you had or have for fraud. And yes it is fraud to ask me (and after being refused by me successfully ask somebody else) to sign for a sum of money and return to you a good part of it “because that is the way things work with EU funds”.

It is not my interest to understand why you lack a spine, which makes you ready to pay lip service to anybody who has power regardless if he is a racist, an idiot, a criminal or all of those together. I also do not care what you write or read and I have zero, but zero interest in helping you getting your brother, relative or “somebody you know” a good position, in helping your daughter to go to Canada, giving you money or talking to somebody I know to get you something. I do not give references either.

I also do not forget any of those requests.

Your sons, daughters, wives and relatives that receive grants, scholarships or fellowships are not disadvantaged. They do not suffer because of anti-Gypsyism. You “suffer” of nepotism and corruption.

No, we are not the same. We are not “brothers and sisters”. We are not friends. Those that I am a friend with know it and for sure you are not one of them. You do not know me because you heard of me, you read things I wrote or because I was polite to you.

You do not know me because I talked to you once or a few times. Greeting you when I see you is not talking. None of you worked with me. Working means going with me in the worst places and helping for years people that live in those hellish places and not exchanging pleasantries at conferences.

You cannot talk about human rights as long as you beat your wife. Or ex-wife. Or your children.

I avoid/ed you because I do/did not want to be associated with you. Talking about the problems, and yes there are huge problems within the Roma movement with corruption, nepotism, reverse racism and sycophancy is problematic. These talks will reflect badly on the few truly dedicated ones and overall increase what is already a pervading anti-Gypsyism. But it is also a point when silence becomes toxic.

Do not kid yourself you are not dedicated to anything besides being a sociopath regardless of how much you want to believe it otherwise.

I do not care about attacking the Council of Europe. As any intergovernmental institution it has many limitations and as long as we are lead by idiots with a great gift for populism such as Putin, Erdogan and Boris Johnson and they are responsible for the majority of the funding of the Council we can’t expect more. So please do not bother me with that.

I do not care about attacking Open Society Institute either. I am neutral towards George Soros. After reading all his books I do not think he is anything close to an amazing thinker. He is a much better thinker than I or you are but on Roma issues or any issue for that matter he can be, like any of us, stupid. This opinion should not be offensive even if you are an idiot or dependent of his money. There were and are extremely smart people that work for OSI that I respect.

I do not care at all about any Roma International Organisations. Some I think are much worse than most of existing NGOs as they promote a type of ethnic radicalism that is disgusting to me. ERTF is a good example of such an organisation.

I do care a lot about the European Commission. The EU is for me the best thing that happened to Europe and I hope it will resist the idiocy of our political leaders.

I also do care about how inept, delusional or arrogant decisions affect the overall situation when it comes to education and poverty of the truly disadvantaged. That is the only reason why I waste my time to write about these. I do not care about revenge. I do not feel I need to seek any revenge. That is why I do not mention you by names.

One other fundamental difference between us is that you depend on Roma issues to make a living and I don’t. In fact this is the only way you made your living up to now. So do not be stupid, shut the f… up and hope that I will never be interested in writing when thinking of any of you ever again.

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